Our Online Event for Berlin Buzzwords 2022

In the last two years, we have learned a lot about holding online conferences. As we now return to an onsite edition of Berlin Buzzwords for the first time after two exclusively online events, we want to incorporate the online component as a permanent addition to #bbuzz, in order to reach more people around the world, increase accessibility and reduce unnecessary travel.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our online event for Berlin Buzzwords 2022, thanks to our Partner OpenSearch. Without them & their commitment to accessibility, we wouldn’t have been able to make Berlin Buzzword a true hybrid event.

What do we offer?

For the first time in Berlin Buzzword history, there will be a dedicated Online Only Ticket available for only 39€ in our ticket shop! With that we want to increase outreach and make Berlin Buzzwords more accessible to people all around the world and offer an affordable ticket to make it easier to participate.

Additionally, in keeping with our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we as organizers will provide a large amount of free online only tickets as part of our Diversity Ticket Initiative for members of underrepresented groups. This includes, but is not limited to: women, people of colour, LGBTQIA people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships. You can get your diversity ticket and learn more about our efforts to make Berlin Buzzwords open and accessible to everyone here.

What does the online event include?

Purchasing our Online-Only-Ticket will give you access to our online platform Venueless, your central hub for the Berlin Buzzwords online event.

There, you will get access to live streams of all our four stages during the conference. You also have the ability to chat with other attendees and you can ask speakers questions using our Q&A tool.

We will also provide a moderated space to meet & chat with other online participants using Wonder Spatial Lounge, where you have the opportunity to discuss talks in a dedicated breakout area for each stage and also socialize with other attendees in an relaxed atmosphere.

Is there more?

As a new feature for Berlin Buzzwords 2022, we will live stream Stage Kesselhaus completely free of charge for everyone on YouTube! We hope that this will help us spread the word about Berlin Buzzwords and the topics discussed here as well as providing an easily accessible option to discover #bbuzz.

Stay tuned for more updates and features as we finalize planing and continue to develop Berlin Buzzword into a true hybrid event for everyone!

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