Our schedule is now live!

We just released the first version of our schedule for this year's edition of Berlin Buzzwords! You can now explore all of our exciting talks and speakers on our website, using the following link. Please note that the dates provided may still change and new sessions might be added, so stay tuned while we finalize planning. 

Some of our highlights for this year's program include:

  • Our keynote by Fiona Coath, who will talk about opposition to surveillance capitalism and our responsibilities as technologists.
  • Nick Burch, who will explore what Wordle can teach us about Information Retrieval, Search and AI/ML.
  • Noaa Barki will teach us what they learned from reading 100+ Kubernetes Post-Mortems.
  • Thomas Fricke will discuss how to optimize containers for security and scaling.
  • Qi Wu will explain how to optimize giant language models in order to be more energy effective and resource-saving using knowledge distillation.
  • Mary Grygleski will take a deep dive into the benefits of the MQTT protocol for messaging and beyond.
  • Anshum Gupta will tell us what's new in Apache Solr 9.0
  • Sophie Watson and Will Benton will discuss their experiences accelerating data science with specialized hardware.

We for one can't wait to listen to all of our speakers and welcoming all of you in Berlin! If you feel the same, get your ticket for Berlin Buzzwords 2022 now at our ticket shop! We also have a diversity ticket initiative, providing access to Berlin Buzzwords for members of marginalized groups, about which you can learn more about here.